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Global OK-Vision or GOV® is dedicated to the enhancement of vision care and vision correction.  The GOV research team includes both Ophthalmology and Optometry professionals in the field of contact lenses, vision therapy and myopia research.  GOV is strongly focused on continuous research into better techniques and designs in Orthokeratology and other forms of myopia control.  Included in this powerhouse company are specialists in the manufacturing of contact lenses, lens design experts and consultants who are clinical fitters with many years of experience.

Global OK-Vision seeks to offer an intelligent software & Internet service platform to help Orthokeratologists to calculate and prescribe all GOV designs in an easy and simplified manner

The internet service platform unites practitioners, consultants and labs as a team to achieve the best level of service in orthokeratology fitting today. You can now input measured data, get efficient assistance from the software and finish your patient’s prescription within a few minutes, even for the most complex of Ortho-K lens designs. The GOV system has the potential to expand your practice by its ability to accurately design lenses to fit the most difficult cases.

Chief designer and Ophthalmologist, Dr Arthur Tung, has dedicated his time to the ever growing problem of myopia worldwide with specific reference to Orthokeratology and visual training.  With his designs GOV became the first and only company to produce orthokeratology lenses for high myopic prescriptions up to -10.00D.  He holds a number of world patents for orthokeratology designs including the Excessive myopia (XM)-, Hyperopic (H)-, Hyperopic multifocal (HP2)-, Myopic multifocal (MP2)-, Post Lasik (PL)- and Keratoconic (KC) Orthokeratology lens designs.

The Global OK Vision regional headquarters are based in the United States, Taiwan, South Africa and Australia and serves to provide technical support and hands on training to each and every GOV practitioner.  Currently, certified GOV Eye Care Practitioners are available all over the world.


The GOV method is an advanced inventory orthokeratology system using aspheric reverse geometry and dual reverse geometry lens designs.  The goal of GOV is to create a simple yet effective method to perform orthokeratology and utilising this fascinating treatment method to control and manage myopia.  The GOV system involves a set of inventory lenses allowing the eye care practitioner to dispense from stock and troubleshoot as necessary with ease.  With the help of the GOV calculator and fitting software coupled with the precise design of the GOV lenses, the results are excellent and predictable.  

It is very important to stress that this method allows the eye care practitioner to be in control instead of leaving the control to the laboratories.  Although changes of up to –6.00D are easily achievable with this method, it is necessary to be able to understand the changes in order to troubleshoot and avoid undesirable effects.   The “Excessive” method patented by GOV is the most updated method for high myopia molding in orthokeratology.  With this design and method changes of up to –10.00D of myopia are possible.  The Excessive Myopia treatment will allow the person treated to go without lenses all day while only wearing the 'retainer' lens for a few hours during sleep to maintain the effect.


The goal is to provide eye care practitioners a simple entry method to start orthokeratology and allow them to grow into fitting more advance high myopia, hyperopic and irregular corneal powers, feeling comfortable and confident that there is a support group of professionals behind them.



There have been many published studies conducted by university research groups to show that orthokeratology is a safe and effective procedure.  It is important for the practitioner to receive proper training before they should utilise this procedure.  It is just as important for the patient to learn proper maintenance and care for their lenses while continue to seek proper follow up care in the future.  

It is essential for the practitioner and patient to both understand the limitations and possibilities of the orthokeratology procedure.  This is not a 100% guaranteed process, but with proper education of the practitioner and full compliance of the patient the success rate will definitely rise.  The goal is to create a simple method of learning and understanding of utilising this fascinating procedure to control and improve myopia and other prescriptions.

There is another very important point that must be stressed in explaining this procedure.  Orthokeratology and Laser vision corrections are not competitors.  Although Orthokeratology is very similar in concept in that there are changes to the cornea made to achieve changes in refractions, the two methods cater to very different populations groups while attempting to reach the same goal of myopia reduction.  

It is well known that Laser vision correction procedures should only be performed on adults, while orthokeratology can be performed on people of any age.  The benefits to children are tremendous.  Using orthokeratology for myopia control with young myopic children will ensure adults with much lower myopic scripts later in life.  This provides a protective factor against myopic related retinopathy and simplifies the procedures necessary for vision correction including refractive surgery and other methods of correction for more permanent change.  It would be wonderful if this concept would eventually be widely accepted by the public.  It is up to the eye care provider to embrace this concept and offer it to the public.